Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paragraph Writing Cupcake Contest

For Valentine's Day I decided to have a Cupcake Contest. Students will create their ultimate cupcake and write a descriptive paragraph using a cupcake organizer. They will then draw their cupcake and include their description. Students have the opportunity to vote on the one they would like to try and the winners will get a special treat!

Literary Elements/Conflict/Paragraph Writing

 Wow things have been so busy I can't find the time for anything. So this is a collection of things my students have been working on over the past month.

We have been reading a lot of fiction and one project they created was conflict flip books. Students watched a power point that I created and then used the information that was presented to create their flip book. On the inside they list a definition and their own example from literature. They also included an illustration.

This is a picture of the burger graphic organizer that my students use for paragraph writing.