Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guided Math

Students begin the day with a math warm-up and whole class instruction. During guided math students work on three different math centers. They are listed below.

1. Computation Folders-students work on computation at their individual level.
2. Facts-Student participate in multiplication/division games.
3. Problem Solving

I strive to keep it simple.

Guided Reading

I created various reading strategy posters that students can view during guided reading. I color coded them based upon what good readers do before, during, and after they read. Below are a few examples of what these posters look like. These are located next to my guided reading table.

 My independent readers will participate in three different centers that students use all year. They are listed below. I differentiate my centers for individual groups of students based upon their individual needs. For example, if I have a group that needs to work on synonyms those students would work on the actvity, not the entire class. I try to keep things simple so that students are not overwhelmed with various different activites.

1. Read to Self-Students choose lexiled novels and complete a reading log.
2. Word Work-Smart Board Lessons
3. Listening Center-Students listen to a story and follow the text in the novel.

These are my student expectations during guided reading.