Saturday, November 17, 2012

Word Wall-Word Snapshots

One of my student's favorite activities is creating word snapshots. Every week students are exposed to new vocabulary and they study 3-5 words in depth. One of their vocabulary activities is the creation of a word snapshot. Students are given a piece of white paper and they choose the word they will illustrate. The word is written at the top of the paper. Students come up with ideas in their head which show how to illustrate the use of the word. They create a sketch and then color it. The bottom section is where the definition would be written. Sometimes I require the students to include synonyms, antonyms, or the part of speech. I've done this with 3-6 grade students and they love it. I pick out 3-5 pictures every week to display on our word wall and those students are rewarded with a a free pick from the prize box. Eventually the entire wall is covered with words and art. This is the work of my 4th grade students.

Check it out!