Monday, April 14, 2014

Genre Unit for Fiction and Non Fiction

I created this unit to expose my students to various fiction and non-fiction books and text features. My students were exposed to over 30 different genres of books from realistic fiction, graphic novels, and fantasy to encyclopedias, periodicals, and biographies. This unit got them reading different genres and they had an opportunity to explore books they rarely looked at. It took work and effort, but overall I'm ecstatic about the results. They went on a genre sort, genre search which was like a scoot/scavenger hunt activity, completed activities in their interactive notebook, completed a compare/contrast activity, and took an assessment.

The students really enjoyed it!

This is the fiction flip book and part of the fiction sort activity.

This was a part of the fiction search/scavenger hunt. Students traveled from station to station looking at books and determined what genre each station contained based on illustrations, text features, and descriptions.

If you are interested I included the link for this unit below.

Genre Activities Sort and Search