Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reading Strategy and Skill Posters

Keep the Focus on Learning while maintaining organization...

So this is my newest creation for the school year, but it's not just a pack of posters. I made this to give my students the visual aid they need to remember what reading strategy or skill we are working on for the week or maybe longer. To be honest, sometimes I need that visual aid to keep myself focused with everything that is going on in the classroom. idea is to use these posters as a focus wall that shows my students, as well as anyone else that walks into my room, what we are learning in reading and L.A. I also plan to use the strategy posters at my guided reading station. I have a dry erase board at the front and back of my classroom and bought magnets from the Dollar Store that I plan to use to create my Focus Wall. That way I can use my Expo Markers to easily write any needed info. right under the header for the other subject areas such as grammar, vocabulary, title, genre, or spelling. Once it's written my students will have that constant reminder and I'll have it as well. This is an example of what it might look like. 

This focus wall shows the two pieces of text we will read that week, the genres of the text, the reading strategy of making predictions, vocabulary words and grammar. Below shows what some of the other posters look like and I also made them in three different colors.

I also made a set of posters that explain what readers do before, during, and after they read which I plan to use at the beginning of the year, and during shared and guided reading. Again, just another tool to help students remember and and a great reminder for myself as a teacher.

You can find this at the link below! I hope it helps you. Good luck this school year!
Good Readers Strategy and Skill Reading Posters

I also included another link for this product that was made with a different font.