Sunday, January 4, 2015

4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions

I love fractions and am so excited to finally get to teach them. This year I updated my equivalent fractions unit and this is what I did to teach 4.NF.1. Maybe you can use some of this to help you with your students.

So I started by posting this word problem...

I used this as a quick formative assessment to see where my students were at. Obviously with 68% answering yes so they didn't understand the concept of equivalent fractions. Some did and some probably were just lucky with their guess. I also gave them a pre-assessment in which I used that data to drive my small group instruction.

Our first lesson was with models. I had students create equivalent fraction models by filling in circles. I used the fractions 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. I used the same color and wanted them to realize that the amount was always the same, bu the pieces were different.

Our second lesson was all about Birthday Cake! Yum! The students had an opportunity to create equivalent fraction cakes on paper of course. They got to use flavored frosting and colored their cakes. Again the purpose was for them to come to the conclusion that the fractions were the same, yet the pieces were different. The concept began to form in their heads with this activity and they also enjoyed being creative.

My next lesson was the all about listing multiples to find equivalent fractions. We practiced numerous times and got it. Below is an example of student notes and an example problem in which students identified the shaded fraction and then listed equivalent fractions by using multiples.

Finally I taught how you can also use multiplication to create equivalent fractions as long as you use a number greater than 1. I also taught how they can divide to create equivalent fractions. The numbers they multiply or divide by must be the same. Below is another example of student notes,

I ended the unit with a post assessment along with asking the same question I began with. A whopping 83% answered correctly. Yes they changed their thinking.

You can find my 4.NF.1 unit at 4.NF1-Practice-Homework-and-Activities-4th-Grade-Common-Core-Math-1630700

Good luck and I hope this helps your students with equivalent fractions.