Sunday, August 13, 2017

Reading Organizers for Common Core Literature and Informational Text 4th-5th Grade

I made these organizers to help me cover the common core standards and also organize how I run Reading Workshop. It's a very simple system and I outlined the steps below. This helps me with my instruction and keeps my Reading Workshop organized.

This is an example of one of the organizers from the 80+ pack. This one focuses on figurative language.

This is one way that you could use these organizers to help you easily implement the common core standards in your classroom.

1. Choose the standard that you are working on and the organizer that goes with that standard. There is more than 1 to choose from.
2. Choose a piece to text to model the standard. Complete the organizer so you know what you will model with your students. 
3. Teach the lesson with your students and they fill in the organizer as you model your thinking. (Whole Group)
4. Copy the organizers that you modeled with your students and place them in file folders that you can easily access while teaching Guided Reading - Reading Workshop.
5. Have the students complete the organizers as they read independently.

It's that easy! You can find all these organizers by following the link below.

This is another example of CCSS RL3 for 4th grade.