Monday, February 25, 2013

4.NF.3 Math Posters and Reader's Response Notebook

These are some of the posters I'm using for CCSS 4NF4 and a poster that my students use to help them when they respond in their reader's response notebook. Everytime I introduce or review a part of the Reader's Response Notebook I create a poster and an anchor for students to refer to because they need that visual model as a guide. I have found that CCSS is much more detailed than just using an algorithm to solve a problem. It's about how the math works. My students had difficulty with decomposing mixed numbers to improper fractions not becuase they couldn't do it, but because they didn't understand why it worked and how to apply it in math situations. Hopefully I will have time to share the units I have created which have made my life so much easier in teaching math. There isn't much math CCSS out there.