Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Interactive Reader's Response Notebook and Journal RI.4.6

Last year I taught 4th grade and integrated an Interactive Readers Response Notebook and Journal into my classroom. I learned a lot about CCSS by doing this and it helped with classroom instruction and management. The following is an example of RI.4.6. We read two different articles about the toilet from Storyworks. The kids love gross stuff and this was perfect for them. Our goal was to compare and contrast two accounts of the same event/topic which was the disposal of human waste. Fun times in 4th goes.
This process takes time but it is so worth it. Students have a model to refer to and they use it to guide their own learning which is part of the common core. I hope this helps you. I highly recommend a subscription to Storyworks. They have text that is lexiled and written for 3rd-6th grade level. It helps me greatly because our reading series is old and I have not touched it in 10 years. Yikes!

I included the links below including a freebie to check out. Maybe this is something you can use. Please ask me questions if you need help. Also I'm new to blogging and this is a learning process for me. My blog is not beautiful and that is not my goal at this point.  My goal this year is to share what I do in my classroom, learn as an educator and teach to the best of my ability.

We took notes on compare and contrast and what good readers do when they use this strategy. We read one article and highlighted text. We did this together.
The next day we read the second text and highlighted information that was important. We completed a venn diagram together showing the similarities and differences in text.

The 3rd day we reviewed our venn diagram and discussed what we learned from this text and wrote the following information together.