Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interactive Reader's Response Notebook and Hatchet

So this week I will begin incorporating my Interactive Notebook into the classroom and wanted to share a few of my first lessons. My students are going to begin reading the novel Hatchet, I hope, still waiting for the books to arrive. My fingers are crossed. So I began making a few lessons from the material found in my interactive notebook and this is what they look like. My interactive notebook is a resource you can use to guide your instruction of the 4th and 5th grade common core. Last year I taught 4th and I'm teaching 5th grade this year. You choose text and create your lessons based upon what strategies or common core standard you want to teach. I begin with vocab, and model what good readers do, read...read...read... and then model some more, partner work, and eventually then do it on their own. I also grouped 4th and 5th grade together because the material is similar. 4th grade teachers could use 5th grade material to extend and go beyond.

Day 1...Begin by taking notes of RL5.4 and what good readers do when they come to a word that they don't know. Read the first 6 pages and model the strategy aloud of stopping and figuring out the meaning of words using context clues or a source.

Day 2...Review what was read the day before and model how to use the strategy of context clues by reading the words around text. Complete the organizers together and glue or tape into your book. Finish reading chapter 1.

Day 3...Review the context clues strategy and have the students work with a partner to complete one on their own and glue into their book.
Day 3...Continue taking more notes on RL5.4 for figurative language. Students color the shapes, cut them out, and attach them to their book. I had them tape it on the side so they could fold them over and write the definition underneath. Also write an example of the type of figurative language and discuss its meaning.